Smart Answers to Smart Questions Audio Series

I started working side hustles without any guidance. Opportunities came to me and I took them. The money was good and the experiences were great. Looking back, I realize that I missed chances to build growth and sustainability into those opportunities. I didn’t have a plan to sustain my gains and I should have given more thought to creating longevity.

For a period of time, I juggled full-time work, home life, and sporadic side hustles. Then I started thinking about what I really wanted.

  • I wanted a side hustle that I could sustain over time.
  • It could not disrupt my family or my lifestyle.
  • I wanted to see and feel my accomplishments.
  • I the extra money to benefit my family and me over time.
  • I wanted to influence and encourage others.

Does this sound like you?

Smart Answers to Smart Questions is a 3-part audio series with 7 subsections. You dive deep as you answer the 5 smart questions found in the 5 Smart Questions Social Workers Should Ask if they Want to Boost Their Social Work Income Starter Guide e-book and planner.

Answers to the 5 smart questions form the basis of the foundation upon which you will build a sustainable, successful and satisfying side hustle.

Part 1 - Introduction

I share the goals for the audio series in the introduction. I talk about some of the reasons social workers and other professionals are considering taking on side hustles. What causes you to want to start a side hustle? Do you want to boost your income? Do you want to have more challenging and interesting work? We each have different motivations.

Part 2 - Helping you Answer the Questions

I help you answer each of the 5 SMART Questions. I go through each question introducing additional points of view to help you answer the questions as completely as possible. I also share things you might not have considered. There is no right or wrong answer; just answer honestly. Your answers will help you understand how you relate to yourself, other people and money.

Part 3 - How I Answered

Yes, I actually answered the same questions myself. Looking inward is not always the easiest thing to do. I did some serious self exploration and soul searching. My answers helped me to have a better understanding of my expectations and how they influenced my expectations of others. I wanted to share them with you, so that you will see how I did it and to encourage you as well.

This series is also available as a free bonus when you purchase the 5 Smart Ways to Boost Your Social Work Income.

Smart Answers to Smart Questions

Part 1 – Introduction 17:40

Part 2 - Helping you Answer the Questions

  • What skills, abilities and interests do you have 37:38
  • How much money do you want to make 24:40
  • What outcome will you provide 24:08
  • Where do you want to work 19:54
  • Who will support you in this venture 26:18

Part 3 - How I Answered 34:58

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